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Seal Water Control and Monitoring System

Seal Water Control and Monitoring System

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  • Seal Water Control and Monitoring System
  • Seal Water Control and Monitoring System
  • Seal Water Control and Monitoring System
  • Seal Water Control and Monitoring System
TDS Seal Water Control and Monitoring System is used to monitor and control the flow and pressure of seal water in seals and 
system,will create the best operating environment for seals and maximize the runnability of the process. It’s designed for varies 
sealing system(including packing and mechanical seal application) like pump, mixer and agitator.
The system includes a flow test equipment, pipe and joints, can be installed around pump. For seal water’s flow and pressure 
automatic control, low flow alarm sensors can be used.

2. Working Theory
As showed in Picture 01, filtered cooling lubricating seal water enters the  knob plate then goes into the measuring system. With in the measuring  system there is a transparent flow indicator and a cylindrical floater with a  white ring(flow memory pin). The white ring(flow memory pin) will drift  left when struck by seal water, when the flow keeps stable, the white ring(flow memory pin) will stay static and point at a fixed scale value.
This stable seal water flows out then and enters the seals and system, which will achieve the seal and system’s cooling and lubricating.
For double seal application system, seal water can flow back to knob plate, and the pressure gauge with memory pin will tell the pressure value. After discharge, the seal water can be cyclic used.

3. Application Field
TDS Seal Water Control and Monitoring System is wide used in cooling mechanical seals and lubricating seals. Different sealing system has a different fixed flow value, larger flow sometimes will increase water consumption. Water is supposed to be filtered to keep clean. In industrial field, there are plenty ways to control water flow, using control vale is a simple one, however, seal water control and 
monitoring system can reach the maximum effects.
4. Saving Resource
TDS Seal Water Control and Monitoring System is not only able to cool and lubricate seal faces also can monitor and control seal  water’s flow and pressure. It’s proved that the system can reduce water consumption by up to 80%.

6. Adjustment
(1) Adjust the red target flow mark to pre-set value(target flow).
(2) Turn on flow controlling knob, seal water will flow into valve plate and measuring instrument and push white ring(flow memory pin), white ring(flow memory pin) tells actual flow value. Then adjust flow controlling knob to make actual flow as same as pre-set value.
(3) Set up a pre-set pressure value.
(4) Adjust pressure regulating knob to achieve pre-set pressure value. 

10. Low-flow Alarm

11. Measuring Instrument & Flow Tube
There are five interchangeable flow measuring parts
Flow range:
Change different measuring instrument and flow tube can realize the  
change of flow range.

12. Installation & Start
To install and start the Seal Water Control and Monitoring System, please refer to below steps strictly (refers to Picture 02)
Newly installed or changed tube should be flushed clearly to avoid mixture of metal or other particle.
1.Find a proper place around pump to install the system, referring to Picture 12.
 Open the knob of seal water system.
2.Adjust target flow regulating knob by wrench to set up a target flow value.
3.Open flow controlling knob, water push white ring(flow memory pin) to left, white ring tells actual flow value. 
Adjust flow controlling  knob to make actual flow value reach target flow value.
4.Set up a target pressure value.
5.Connect alarm sensor(optional), see details in regulation 10 Low-Flow Alarm
13 Maintenance & Spare Parts
Clean measuring tube and measuring parts by cleaning knob regularly
Suggest preparing at least one set spare parts for 
interchange accordingly.
14 Safety Regulations
Install and use TSO Seal Water Control and 
Monitoring System please obey this safety 
Installation Safety Regulations
Check before start
1.Check instruments are installed correctly
-instruments should be fixed stably
-tubes should be connected correctly and without 
any damage
2. Keep the actual flow and pressure value consistent 
with pre-set values.
-actual pressure value should be lower than the 
maximum range of pressure gauge.
-actual flow value should be lower than the 
maximum range of flow meter.
3. Damages instruments should be repaired or 
changed as soon as possible.
Maintenance Regulations
Make sure all connections are tight and without any leakage. The inner parts should be cleaned regularly. Use cleaning knob to clean, several  
times per year.
Forbid to disassemble or close the Seal Water Control and Monitoring System before the seal water system is closed. Before maintenance, the 
seal water system should be closed firstly.
Attention! Ending the seal water system means breaking off the whole system.


 Single mechanical seal, with pressure Gauge
Flow range:1.0-8.0 l/min
Maximum range of pressure gauge:10 bar
Gauge case material:PP
Joint Specification: pipe connectionO1/4"
Installation Support: Cantilever supportAlarm sensor: two-wire DC alarm sensor

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